Christopher Sean was born and raised in Southern Massachusetts where he first began his education in electronic engineering. There, he felt the pressure to fit in and be like everyone else but it was difficult for him because of his sexual identity. Most kids at school would pick on him for being gay but Christopher would always laugh it off. After high school, Christopher completely changed his education to follow his passion and went to study Textile Design at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth because it was closely related to fashion.

During his college education Christopher studied at Central Saint Martins in London. There, he grew to appreciate London’s culture and society particularly pertaining to the openness and acceptance of their citizens in terms of identity. That’s when he came to acknowledge the fact that he wanted to improve the acceptance of the LGBTQ community and help them to become comfortable in their own skin.

Focusing on gender fluidity and breaking the taboo of dress in menswear, Christopher Sean creates garments that allowpeople to embrace and express their sexuality. Worn by women the garments give her a masculine edge, but worn by men the garments give him a soft femininity. His brand embraces and fights for the beauty of fluidity.